Why Velocity?

Time to get started.  Velocity Advisors is an organization that I am launching with an extraordinary level of excitement.  The first blog post of many will be to simply tell people why we exist and how we plan to do business:


"Velocity" brings people an automatic connection with "speed."  Velocity is different however because velocity is a combination of speed AND direction.  It doesn't matter how fast we move, it matters if we get where we're going.  A plan circling New York City for 5 hours travels the same distance as one heading to Los Angeles.  Same distance, perhaps same speed, but one arrives somewhere new.


Velocity Advisors LLC is a collection of consultants brought in specifically to partner with your organization to take business planning and strategy to the next level.  Every organization, team, and opportunity are different.  You may need a planning process evaluation.  You may need an expert in the field to help scope and find a planning and forecasting solution that is right for your team.  There may be a gap in your team and you need a leader to evaluate the process and improve a process to hand off to the future of your organization.  Inventory turns or service may need to improve.  Maybe obsolescence is too high.  Perhaps you need an S&OP process and a plan is needed to get there.  The opportunities are limitless, but our promise is that we will either help you or find the right organization with the right background who can.


Our guarantee for advisors partnering with Velocity is that they will be high energy results-oriented team players who will integrate in and be like a part of your team.  We want to teach and develop, but every business and need are unique and we have to listen and learn to do our best for you.  Our advisors will do that.


In addition, Velocity will use this blog space at www.velocityadvisorsllc.com as well as social networking on LinkedIn and Twitter to spread knowledge and awareness to Supply Chain planning and analytics.  The posts may be planning specific original or we may connect you to broader knowledge from outsiders and relate how their thought processes will make you and your teams better.


This project is going to be great, and we're very excited to work with you.  Please contact us for a consultation today.