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References from Supply Chains all over North America on the value we can create for your business to improve your capability and build a more collaborative planning environment.  Whether processes, implementations, assessment of capability or any other need, let Velocity Advisors come help elevate your Supply Chain to the next level of performance.

I've always had great respect and appreciation for David's knowledge of S&OP and supply chain.  His understanding of the role people, process, and technology plays is critical in executing successful initiatives.  In addition to being a great person, David's honest and genuine communication makes him a very effective leader and it is the foundation on which we built our collaborative relationship.


Jim Opfinger

Account Manager, Llamasoft Inc.

I worked closely with David for 6 years at Hostess Brands, LLC. He was integral in the success of launching a former DSD company into an optimized Warehouse Model. His knowledge was key to the Hostess success in optimizing short shelf life product with very low E&O while achieving best in class customer fill rates. Working with the world’s largest retailer systems and interpreting demand signals along with highly promotional intense categories is a challenging feat and one that David was able to master thanks to his unique skillset.


Lisa Jones

Director of Walmart Replenishment, Hostess Brands LLC