Build better companies through planning and collaboration

Providing services and consultation helping organizations drive supply chain to next level


Value Statement

Velocity Advisors exists solely for the creation of value for your organization. Value creation achieved via better developed teams, processes built for speed and agility, and the tools needed to allow your existing teams accomplish more than previously thought possible.

What we do


Utilize best practices to simplify network and improve service and inventory turns


Develop results-oriented teams that connect the broader organization around a unified plan


Plan at levels needed by the business, measure accuracy, and achieve broader ongoing consensus


Put the right tools in the hands of the right people for a sustainable planning organization


I've always had great respect and appreciation for David's knowledge of S&OP and supply chain.  His understanding of the role people, process, and technology plays is critical in executing successful initiatives.  In addition to being a great person, David's honest and genuine communication makes him a very effective leader and it is the foundation on which we built our collaborative relationship.


Jim Opfinger

Account Manager, Llamasoft Inc.


Lack of Preparedness

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, 5 years ago the problem was predicted. Reflecting on epidemiology, the book Deadliest Enemy by Michael Osterholm, and how data-driven planning is universally desirable among individuals, teams, and organizations. Velocity is here to help you more proactively manage business risk with effective planning.

Life's Calling and Leadership

While reading Leadershift by John C. Maxwell, I began to reflect why S&OP practitioners are often very academic and not connected to the product. Fortunately, we transform results, teams, companies, and lives. Companies everywhere need support. Get excited about progress, reach out to Velocity to support your own "Effectiveness-shift" today.

When Plans Fail

Planners believe in plans religiously and some times they fail.  There are a million things that derail plans, but they are inevitable.  The strongest teams are agile, continuously improve, and don't let disruptions derail their progress.  Keep the faith, contact Velocity today to keep you moving forward!