About Us

Our sole objective is to create value for your organization.  Achieving value is not solely about speed, everyday companies move incredibly fast and don't progress.  Value creation comes via Velocity, speed in a given direction.  High achieving teams move fast toward agreed upon goals and plans.  When realized, these teams create new goals for continuous improvement.


Every company, team, and individual are different and have different needs.  Focusing on results, collaboration, and sustainability are universally needed.  The specific requirements, tools, and process are special to your organization.  Velocity's team of advisors will not sell you on a one size fits all program, but rather sustainable long term process improvements specific to your team and needs.

5 principles

  1. Pursue Speed and Flow in your Supply Chain
  2. Collaboration instead of Silos
  3. Active instead of Passive
  4. Systems instead of Ad Hoc
  5. Sustainable Results instead of Luck

Our Vision

Build better companies through planning and collaboration

Our Mission

Our mission is to create value in every partner’s Supply Chain and demonstrate where speed and results meet. Velocity Advisors provides support to organizations nationwide helping make the goals of a collaborative planning environment, business forecasting, improved systems and processes, and make the goal of an optimized sustainable network a reality.



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