Transformation · 28. May 2019
Consider the picture on the left, what a beautiful air show display giving a sense of national pride on what looks to be a beautiful day. 8 planes being piloted into an airborne display of perfection! As a Supply Chain leader making observations about this image, I can't help but ask a few questions: How fast are the planes going? What is the distance between each plane? How often are the pilots adapting their speed, trajectory, etc. to make sure they're balanced? What is the trigger to make a...
Transformation · 02. April 2019
In track and field, most people differentiate the sprinters versus the distance runners. Most references in business or in life are the same, we always assign the individual to either be planning for the long haul or they are only concerned with now. What if I told you that in order to optimize your business, it's more like a relay than either reference above? Effectively ran businesses are end to end. It's everything from business intelligence to the plan itself, market intelligence, labor...
Transformation · 23. March 2019
Organizations are filled with "consumers" of a product that all have different needs. Collaboration can feel like a puzzle not yet complete rather than a beautifully connected network of veins in a leaf. How do organizations ever get connected and on the same page? We're here to help!
Transformation · 19. March 2019
Taking the complex and making it simple and easy for others is a key trait that planning teams must thrive at to be successful.
Transformation · 17. March 2019
Healthy organizations have a culture of connectedness and going in the same direction. How do you stack up?