Unprecedented Support

During times of chaos and tragedy, it is very easy to focus on the bad news. It seems it's in our DNA to always see the glass as half empty and default to pessimism and worry.


At Velocity, we try to remain optimistic and find opportunities in every situation. Positive outcomes can often be found with a new set of eyes looking at the situation with a different lens.


Today, I wanted to share but a fraction of the good news I'm reading daily about incredible people doing great things. Unprecedented disruption is leading to unprecedented focus on solving problems and helping our neighbors.  Below is a tiny fraction of some of the great developments I'm seeing in my world (US, Kansas City, Business, Supply Chain, and COVID): 


  1. Companies everywhere are offering free or discounted services supporting affected companies, first responders, schools, and others trying to navigate through the disruption. Industries include web conferencing, productivity, system security, marketing, finance, recruiting, and more
  2. Locally in Kansas City, the Chiefs, Royals, Local Companies, and celebrities have helped donate north of 1 million meals to Harvesters and countless other resources helping local front line health care workers
  3. Many local distilleries have transformed operations to produce hand sanitizer to donate, raise money for local health workers, and to collectively fight the virus
  4. Articles in BBC, Forbes, and World Economic Forum are highlighting teams developing everything from vaccines, medications, hands free door opening, ventilators, virus killing face coverings, delivery technology, virus killing air purifiers, and more
  5. Supply Chain planning is dear to me and generosity here I love. Logility, a great provider of planning and forecasting software, is making critical training free to clients and users of the platform (helping make better planners everywhere)
  6. Individuals are focusing more on generosity and buying local now than when the pandemic began, which is difficult with money tight and work disrupted

This is but a fraction of the generosity I've been reading about this past week, which is a fraction of the generosity happening in the world right now.


These are incredibly challenging times. Businesses everywhere need to get more agile and be better prepared for similar pandemics in the future. Generosity everywhere is showing itself, and at Velocity we couldn't be more proud when we read the news everywhere.


Contact us today for a free introductory consultation. Our goal is for every business to be successful, and leave every interaction with our partners better prepared to face whatever tomorrow holds.  Information and collaboration are key, let us help you transform your business by finding critical growth opportunities and areas to save money and execute smarter with what you already have.


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